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Industrial Oven | Direct Gas Fired

Supplier: Elliott Automation

This powerful oven is particularly suitable for baking those products which require short baking times and high heat input especially at the beginning of their baking cycle.

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These include crackers (cream and soda), snacks and also some fermented products.

In this type of oven, a high number of burners with flames are positioned directly in the baking chamber. The heat is transferred to the product mainly by the effect of radiation and, since there is no metal structure separating the heat source from the product, it can be considered as a high-efficiency oven in terms of heat transfer.

The environment in the baking chamber is more humid than that of other types of ovens, as the combustion of the fuel generates further moisture. This humid environment prevents a skin from forming on the surface of the dough, so the piece can fully expand in height, while also ensuring more efficient extraction of further humidity from the centre of the dough piece.

The number of burners installed in the baking chamber greatly depends on the type of product to be baked and the output required: cracker rated ovens are those with the highest number of burners in the baking chamber, complete with a pre-heating system of the conveyor belt. Gaseous fuels, i.e. natural gas or LPG, must be utilised for these types of burners.

Top and bottom heat for each zone can be independently set by the operator simply by adjusting a potentiometer. The temperature and the extraction from each zone of the baking chamber can also be adjusted.

The direct gas-fired section is utilised in the hybrid oven configuration, usually before the direct convection section of the oven, especially in the production of all types of cracker products (soda, cream, snacks) or in case of Swiss roll production.

On request, the oven can be fitted with a turbulence system, which provides a further contribution to uniform baking conditions.

Within the baking chamber, the conveyor wire-mesh or metal band is supported by rollers.

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