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Industrial Photonics

Industrial Photonics | Quality Inspection & Quality Control

Industrial Photonics

Industrial Photonics focuses develops process line inspection systems based on machine vision technology. Industrial Photonics uses the latest advances in optics as well as software solutions are combined to provide clients with optimal inspection processes which deliver consistent assurance of product quality.
Industrial Photonics has in house industrial automation and integration experts who can ensure that the system interfaces with the existing process line.
Industrial Photonics is not limited to visible light systems (cameras). Other technologies currently handle by Industrial Photonics include :

- PPT Vision imaging products
- Opto Engineering optical components
- Machine Vision Systems
- NIR Technology Systems
- Infra-Red Cameras
- Hyperspectral Imaging Systems

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Industrial Photonics is an innovative engineering and industrial automation company specialising in various inspection techniques for industrial process applications. Industrial Photonics has developed and successfully deployed inspection systems for applications as varied as timber grading, paper web inspection, plastic packaging, OCR and OCV code inspection, carpet tile inspection, water cooler bottles inspection and many more.
If you have issues with accuracy or repeatability of your on line inspection processes, Industrial Photonics will be happy to do a complete process evaluation at your premises.

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