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Industrial Plastic and Metal Laser Marking FlyAir | 10W

Supplier: Industrial Laser

FlyAir is the ultimate solution for precision marking on all types of metals and plastics.

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Extremely compact, modular and perfectly sealed, it is configured for easy integration into any industrial production line or any of our workstations. The FlyAir system offers the perfect combination of reduced operating costs and high throughput.

FlyAir’s design concept allows integration into a production line by easily interfacing to an existing PLC system. Communication is by RS232 or TCP/IP that utilises the Client/Server concept or by digital signals (Start-Stop, Fault, Marking in Progress). Depending on the software installed Fly Air is a laser marking system ready to use as is, or a component to be integrated into a Class I laser workstation, a factory line, or a more complex system.

The laser is available both as an OEM laser or can be integrated into a fully customisable turnkey marking workstation with Class I enclosures. Systems range from small portable desktop systems to more complex multi axis, automated workstations.

Beam quality

The study and the optimisation of the laser beam have been carefully adapted to achieve an excellent beam quality – constant at any power and at any frequency – with very high marking speeds. Extensive R & D has lead to a Gaussian profile with the highest beam quality (Tem00).

Flyair's advanced modular structure

Power Supply Module: The power supply module is designed to guarantee a longer life of the diode – also in anomalous situations. Fly Air offers protection against over-voltage or line drops. The built in LED’s located on the front panel provide immediate system status feedback and a 230 V plug is also available for servo/stepper motor's power supply.

Diode Module: integrates the temperature and the current control systems, the hour-counter, the electronic serial number and the fan speed regulation. The modular design allows for immediate replacement (unplug and plug in) with no technical expertise required.

Laser module:

Provides a Scanning Unit with optional 8 or 10 mm mirrors to fit your specific application and required speed.
A special assembly allows for instant changeover of the Scanning Unit and no realignment is necessary. Provides rotation of the scanning head from -90/0/+90 degrees for marking of parts on different angles.

Two red laser diodes (pointers) are integrated into the Scanning Head and when the laser is at the correct focus distance the two beams coincide. This allows the user to easily achieve the correct focus distance without any external tools, both on simple flat and curved parts and on parts with complex geometries.

The Laser Head and all systems are completely sealed, pre-aligned and assembled in a Clean Room, and do not require any maintenance. Pumping and emitting power measurements in real time allow for complete and continuous control of the laser parameters.

Server Unit for the control of laser marking system. The server is connected to the company network or to the client PC through 100Mbit/s TPC/IP network communication. An industrial 26pin round connector is available to directly connect the start/stop signals, the marking warning light and the encoder signals if marking on fly is used.

Fly Connector: A 25 mm diameter stainless steel connection between the laser and the diode module provides for increased protection of the fiber and the cables. This design eliminates the risk of accidental breakage of the fiber. It also provides extra protection against electromagnetic interferences and electrostatic discharges.
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