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Industrial pneumatic lifter for food

Supplier: Dalmec Australia (Posilift Group) By: Ron Raymond
06 November, 2012

Dalmec has produced hundreds of industrial pneumatic lifters now in use in the best industries throughout the world for the handling of cheeses, hams, pasta packages, bottles and/or their packing.

Photo 1 illustrates a Pneumatic Lifter Partner type, column mounted version, with a base-plate for forklift truck allowing a rapid movement for many different workplaces. The Manipulator is equipped with a suction cup for the gripping of cheeses having different dimensions and weights; the vacuum is generated by a "Venturi" ejector.

The type, design, dimensions and gripping system of the manipulators offered are tailored to suit the specific requirements of the user and to the varying environmental conditions available.

The Dalmec is a fully integrated unit designed to suit the customer's specific application. The column, balancing cylinder, length and shape of arm and tooling are all ergonomically integrated for that task.

As a result: This makes it easier to use, quicker to use, less tiring for operator over the total shift plus NO risk of damage to product. (Most other companies buy a standard manipulator from one source and build a local tooling as a separate unit. They are usually heavier and more difficult to use.)

Dalmec manipulators are built to the highest standards of quality and reliability. With clean dry air they are virtually trouble free.

Dalmec machines also meet the very strict health and safety standards set by the major manufacturers in Europe and Internationally. Dalmec machines are CE Certified and therefore comply with all the safety directives of the EC. Dalmec Italy is also an ISO 9001 ED. 2000 company.

Dalmec's success is built on experience and design.  Because every project is a little bit different, Dalmec's policy is to design and manufacture all machines in Italy in the one factory. This allows them to centralize their experience so it can be applied for all countries.