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Industrial pneumatic lifter for handling cylinders, tubes and pipe

Supplier: Posilift Group
15 August, 2011

Dalmec Australia sells a wide range of industrial lifters for the repetitive lifting and positioning of products and parts weighing between 15 kg and 900kg.

The manual handling issues of lifting, turning and positioning cylinders, boilers and tubes can be overcome using one of our industrial lifters. The photo is just one example showing a suction cup tooling (Venturi) for gripping and pneumatic rotation of a cylinder.

Our lifter balances the product and renders the load weightless to the operator.  The tooling attachment uses either pneumatic grippers or vacuum suction to grip the product.  The total machine, lifter and tooling, can be custom designed to suit your application.

Many manual handling and materials handling lifting equipment applications can be performed faster, more accurately, and with a greater degree of safety with such a device.

Our industrial lifters together with our extensive range of end attachment designs have almost limitless applications.  If you have a manual handling problem it is quite likely that Dalmec has solved it somewhere around the world.  Contact us fgor a your needs