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Supplier: Gryffin
27 July, 2010

Palisade is being used more and more to protect companies assets.

Palisade aims to

Minimise Risk of Intrusion & Damage by having a strong security fence designed specifically for reducing intrusion.

Minimise Liability to the Community & Insurance Companies by proactively protecting your site.

Minimise Maintenance which can be Costly & Continual with traditional non-Gryffin fencing.

Previously, chainmesh has been the most popular form of "security fencing" used. But, how can a fence that takes less than 15 seconds to cut through, and, is so easy to climb unaided, be considered secure?

Palisade's features include :

  • Rails set far enough apart to make climbing extremely difficult without the use of climbing aids
  • Tamper proof fittings to prevent unbolting pales or rails
  • Triple point spear top and curved pale top to give a psychologically intimidating appearance
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