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IndustrySearch offers key information-sharing platform: Bestech

Supplier: Industracom
20 March, 2014

Sam Bhasin, Managing Director at Bestech Australia, nominates dedicated team members, impressive search engine rankings and a flexible content management system as just some of the many advantages offered by IndustrySearch.

Bhasin points to the benefits of using an online marketing platform that informs and educates a targeted audience.

"More and more people are looking online for information," says Bhasin.

"Often we find that potential customers have done intensive research on what they need and what questions to ask. For us, having an online platform is important in order to showcase our products and services and provide the information that our potential customers are looking for."

Bhasin recognises that the support of the IndustrySearch team has been instrumental to Bestech's ongoing promotional success. With the help of dedicated Account and Content Managers Bestech Australia has been able to generate leads and reach sales goals.

"Our Account Manager Louie has been very helpful, providing us with the best advice to assist us in achieving our targets. It's easy to manage and review products and update content, but sometimes we forward press releases to our Content Manager to edit and upload due to time restrictions," he says.

"As a whole, IndustrySearch has provided us with good exposure in search engines, and generated quality leads from our online content."

Since joining IndustrySearch back in 2007, Bestech has been able to make the most of many new opportunities and refinements to the service. Bhasin commends IndustrySearch’s ability to keep improving.

"IndustrySearch have been updating their media platform to keep up with evolving technologies."

In particular Bhasin has noted the progression of the regular e-newsletter, the 'NewsWire'.

"Bestech can reach its growing readership and generate sales leads without any extra cost," he says. "Being featured in the NewsWire has our post in the face of the potential customer and the hit rate is higher."

For a final word on IndustrySearch, Bhasin has this to say: "IndustrySearch is a wonderful company to work with. They have been responsive to our needs and have come up with new initiatives to stay relevant in this competitive market."