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iNet Control solutions: Providing a safer workplace

Supplier: Air-Met Scientific By: Air-Met Scientific
31 May, 2010

One in every 2,500 untested instruments will fail to respond to a dangerous concentration of gas, and three gas detectors out of every 1,000 will fail to respond correctly to gas during a bump test.

On average, gas detectors in the iNet fleet will go into high alarm once every ten days.

Do you know how many high alarms your facility has had?

iNet Control gives you information and tools to address these problems before they occur.

Recently named New Product of the Year 2009 by the Occupational Health & Safety magazine, iNet Control is the first hosted software platform for managing gas detector fleets.

Included with every iNet subscription, iNet Control automatically collects and presents fleet data for complete program visibility. Users can quickly check the overall health of their programs with trend data graphs, a list of items that require attention or comparisons to industry averages. If more information is needed, the user can click into details down to the sensor-level for each gas detector.

iNet is also able to email real-time alerts and status reports with many iNet customers using these for internal compliance to their standard operating procedures and as poof of compliance to external auditors.

iNet Control organises gas detector data into three categories – alarms, equipment maintenance and usage. Alarm event data shows users if employees are at risk from exposure to harmful gases.

Maintenance data provides assurance that events like calibration and bump testing are performed as scheduled. Usage data gives team leaders knowledge of what's happening in the field. For example, iNet Control recognises when gas detectors are used without a bump test or calibration. iNet Control can even tell if a team member turned off a gas detector in alarm conditions.

iNet Control identifies the source of these and many other potential problems. It keeps gas detectors working without costly and time-consuming maintenance. As a result, users are better equipped to make informed decisions that save lives.

iNet Control is proudly distributed in Australia via Air-Met Scientific.

For more information about the iNet Control solution, visit or call 1800 000 744.

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