Inflatable buildings...challenging the status quo

Supplier: Giant Inflatables Industrial By: Lee Ostilly
28 November, 2016

Inflatable Buildings bring a new dimension to temporary building structures in that they are portable, economical, easy to install and pack away and totally re-usable in any setting.

Giant Inflatables Industrial (1300Inflate) offer a range of Inflatable Buildings that give our clients the opportunity to create comfortable temporary spaces in an economical, eco-friendly and sustainable manner. A lot of thought is due to the thought that goes into the design which includes how it is packed, folded out, inflated and safely secured.

Inflatable Temporary Buildings are designed with careful attention to user comfort that brings light and air into the interior to maintain a healthy, safe, flexible and workable environment. Our company strives to continually improve our client’s experiences which in turn have led to many improvements to the common standards.  This includes architecturally crafted spaces, engineer approved construction and the use of high quality UV stabilised and fire retardant materials.

As standard, our inflatable structures include well engineered and versatile fixings, quiet and low energy blowers, and clever interior extras. With any structure, we offer space attenuators and partitions, light hangers for Florescent and LED Lighting, cable ducts for power and computers, ventilation ports and many other innovative and flexible utilities.

The architecture of Temporary inflatable buildings is exemplified by 2 classic forms.

1 - Air Supported Structures and

2 - Inflatable Double Skin or Co-linear Cell Inflatable Structures

Air Supported Structures also called Air Domes are commonly used as inflatable temporary buildings when there is the need to create large covered and environmentally controlled spaces with clear spans. This type of inflatable building is commonly used for large warehouses, sports centres and covers for playing fields and tennis courts, agricultural purposes including greenhouses, as well as inflatable covers for swimming pools.

Inflatable Double Skin or Co-linear Cell Inflatable Structures.

This kind of inflatable space is the ideal technology for architectural creativity where forms can readily conform to functional needs. This typically leads to uses such as inflatable portable museums and exhibition spaces, and highly branded inflatable site offices.

It’s a style of inflatable building that can also offer an inherent economy in manufacture, as well as a high level of portability and offers energy saving insulating properties. It therefore lends itself to the creation of economical and expandable spaces that are commonly used for workshops, site offices, livestock housing, special purpose buildings.

Its versatility in construction materials and the possibility of various auxiliary fittings makes this form of Inflatable Building an ideal form for uses in Emergency Response Services, Police and the military as well as any other Mobile Quick Response operations.