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Inflatable Drain, Pipe, Vent and Duct Isolation Plugs

Supplier: Giant Inflatables

The Plug-Up Industrial Inflatable Isolation Plugs is widely used in the mining, engineering and construction industries to, amongst its 100's of uses, isolates openings or forms voids for casting.


Our Plug Up range of Isolation Plugs for low pressure isolation are now available in spherical and round shapes.  These Plug-Up Inflatable Isolation Plugs are made to order.  Delivery times are extremely quick.

Features & Benefits of Inflatable Drain, Pipe and Duct Isolation Plugs

  • Ease of use
  • Plug-Up Isolation Plugs are short, flexible, very compact and easy to manoeuvre through restricted access
  • When a pipe, void or duct needs isolating but it's difficult to access and set, a spherical inflatable plug does the job in the blind with simplicity and finesse
  • quick to set up and simple to use
  • no special high-pressure equipment needed to inflate
  • different shapes allow for seating in pipes, ducts or voids without being made to size.  A variable of 12% of size will still seal a pipe
  • safe and labour efficient
  • Cost effective


  • closing, isolatiing, stopping, plugging and restricting low pressure flow
  • Close off pipes to keep them clean during maintenance
  • Isolate openings from environmental contamination
  • Sealing pipes or ducts on plant and equipment  during wash down
  • Emergency plugging or isolation of drainage points and sumps from spills
  • Void forming for casting of sleeves or knuckles
  • Its even been used for a lifting cushion when used together with a series of units

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