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Inorganic Chemicals - Sodium Silicate Liquid (Various Grades)

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Inorganic Chemicals - Sodium Silicate Liquid (Various Grades)

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Inorganic Chemicals - Sodium Silicate Liquid (Various Grades)

What is it?
Sodium Silicate Solutions vary in chemical formula from 2 SiO2:Na2O to 3.2 SiO2:Na2O. It is commonly referred to as Waterglass, and can be described as clear colourless to light brown solutions of Sodium Silicate with varying ratios of SiO2 to Na2O, solids contents, and viscosity.

Where is it applied?
Sodium Silicates are versatile, inorganic chemicals that can be utilised for a number of applications.

  • Silica Gel - The greatest single use of Sodium Silicates is as raw material for making silica gel, and in the manufacture of catalysts
  • Foundry - Sodium Silicates work well as core binders
  • Paint/Pigment - As a coating extender
  • Detergent manufacture
  • Mineral Processing - Sodium Silicates are successful in acting as soil stabilisers in mining and excavation
  • Textile Processing - Both Potassium and Sodium Silicates are useful in the textile industry, predominantly to stabilise peroxide bleach
  • Water Treatment - Sodium Silicates act to inhibit corrosion of metal surfaces where industrial water is being stored

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