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Input Support Capabilities - Advanced Waveform Monitors & Rasterisers

Supplier: TekMark Australia

The Video Product Line is pleased to announce the new 4-SDI (3Gbps/HD/SD) input monitoring support and 3G Level B 2xHD input support capabilities for its advanced 3G/HD/SD-SDI waveform monitor, WFM8300 and WFM8200, and advanced 3G/HD/SD-SDI waveform rasterizers, WVR8300 and WVR8200.

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These new capabilities will strengthen Tektronix' leadership position in the Baseband Monitor market.
New 4-SDI Input Monitoring Capability for Camera Balancing / Alignment Application During Content Production (New Option 2SDI)
The new firmware Version 2.0 of the WFM / WVR 8000 series instruments allows users to simultaneously monitor multiple cameras (up to four) with SDI output. In full screen mode, users can select Waveform parade, Waveform overlay, Vector/Lightning overlay, or Gamut (Diamond, Split Diamond, Spearhead, Arrowhead) overlay display to monitor two to four SDI inputs (3Gbps/HD/SD) simultaneously.
Note: to monitor more than two SDI inputs, Option 2SDI needed to be installed in the instrument. However, since Option 2SDI module occupies the same input slot (Slot 2) as the CPS (composite video) module, Option 2SDI and Option CPS cannot co-exist in the same instrument.
Additional 3G Level B Formats Support including 2xHD Input Formats
The new firmware Version 2.0 of the WFM / WVR 8000 series instruments supports more 3G Level B input formats including 3G Level B 2xHD (1920x1080 or 1280x720) formats.
These additional input formats support will be available with all new WFM/WVR 8000 series instruments when Option 3G is installed. Existing WFM/WVR 8000 series instruments with Option 3G installed can also be upgraded with these additional input formats support free of charge when the new firmware becomes available (to be posted on www.tektronix.com).
New Option DAT for WFM8200 and WVR8200
Currently, all WFM8300 and WVR8300 instruments include SDI Data Analyzer and Ancillary Data Analyzer (ANC Data Inspector) as standard capabilities. With the new firmware, customers can now add these capabilities to the WFM8200 or the WVR8200 by ordering Option DAT.
The new firmware also includes SMPTE RP 2020 VANC Dolby Metadata display as standard capability (without the need to order the Dolby option) for all WFM / WVR 8000 series instruments.