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Installing Silo Vent is an environmentally friendly solution

Supplier: Silo Ventilation Systems
10 November, 2010

Silo Vent helps maintain the environment and reduce the inside temperature.

Benefits of installing a Silo Vent

•Reduces inside temperature of a silo.

•Reduces humidity and condensation build up in silos.

•Exhausts unwanted heat from the top of the silo.

•Replaces and circulates air inside silo.

•The temperature of stored grain or legumes is more stable.

•Reduces mould build up.

•The optimum breeding environment for insects is less favourable.

•The amount of chemical applied to stored grain, can be reduced.

•No electrical powered connection is required.

•Operates 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

•No switches or timers to turn off or on.

•No additional running costs for the unit, It runs for free.

•Easy to install.

•No ongoing maintenance after Installation.

•Damper model designed for sealed silos.

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