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Insulated vinyl cladding helps TAS to beat the cold

Supplier: Austech External Building Products
08 December, 2009

Despite Australia being the land of beaches and bikinis, Tasmania isn't known for its hot summers and mild winters. In fact, the average July low is only 4.5°C, with the mercury dropping below zero regularly.

To combat this, Tasmanians must heavily insulate their homes to keep the heat in and control their energy bills.

Austech's range of Duratuff Select Vinyl Wall Cladding comes with a pre-installed expanded polystyrene insulation backing, available in 20mm and 30mm foam.

Duratuff Select is an effective way to not only make your home look better, but also improve its energy efficiency.

Tony Caldwell from Austech Tasmania has been installing vinyl cladding in Tasmania for many years and as seen vinyl cladding go from strength to strength as Tasmanians embrace the environmental and aesthetic benefits of vinyl.

Many old fibro homes have minimum or no wall insulation and putting bats in the walls is simply impossible without extensive renovations, so Insulated vinyl represents a great way to add much needed insulation and bring those homes into the 21st Century.

Duratuff Select Vinyl Wall Cladding is designed to reduce thermal bridging. Insulation is only as strong as the weakest point, so even when you place batts in the wall cavities, you still have wooden beams in-between that act as an easy route for temperature fluctuations.

Duratuff Select is exterior cladding, so it wraps the whole building in insulation, reducing thermal bridging and improving energy efficiency.

It's not only Tasmanians that benefit from insulated cladding; Austech's Duratuff Select Vinyl Cladding is improving homes Australia wide. Insulated cladding not only keeps the cold out in winter, but also stops it escaping in summer, so your air-conditioner works less and you keep cool.

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