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Insulating Glass

Supplier: China Southern Glass (Aust)

Glazed doors and windows are the major approach for communications between indoor and outdoor spaces.

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The major function of the coating is to control the reflection, transmission and absorption of direct Daylight, sight and decoration are the basic functions of glass while energy efficiency and environmental protection are further additional requirements to glazed doors and windows.

For a well-closed space, the indoor and outdoor thermal exchange is mainly achieved through glass.

The thermal exchange in large volumes between indoor and outdoor spaces means that in summer unneeded heat is introduced into the rooms, while in winter the valuable indoor heat flows outward. This worsens the indoor living environment and leads to enormous increase in energy consumption by air conditioners and/or heaters.

Insulating glass, especially when combined with solar reflective glass and/or Low-E glass, provides a sound solution.

Insulating glass comprises two or more plies of glass that are separated with aluminium spacer fully filled with desiccant, and the sides are sealed with high-strength sealant.

Annealed clear glass, tinted glass, solar reflective glass, Low-E glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, heat-strengthened glass and curved glass, etc. can be used to form insulting glass according to demands.

CSG has thirty four insulating glass processing lines by Lisee Austria with an annual production capacity of 15 million square metres.

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