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Insulation testing & certification

Supplier: Polyair
11 February, 2013

There are two types of insulation technologies recognised within the Australian Standards and National Construction Code: 'reflective insulation' and 'bulk insulation'.

These two insulation technologies are significantly different in the way they perform and in the way they are tested and certified.

Polyair is categorised as 'Reflective Insulation' and is required to undergo specific testing requirements that are distinctly different to those set out for Bulk Insulation.

Reflective Insulation

Testing example for reflectivity:

  • R-Values for reflective insulation are tested at 36°C for summer conditions and 18°C for winter conditions.
  • R-Values for reflective insulation are formulated in systems. Performance is dependent on low emittance surfaces and surrounding cavity airspaces for reflecting heat

Bulk Insulation (polyester, mineral wool, cellulose fibre, wool)

Testing example for absorption:

  • R-Values for bulk insulation are tested at 23°C
  • R-Values for bulk insulation are relative to product thickness and density for absorbing heat