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Integrated Cash Management Software

Supplier: Capital Office Business Software

The CAPITAL Office Cash Management business system can be used to:

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  • Allocate expenses, income and operating overhead.
  • Transfer sums of money between different bank accounts.
  • Pay accounts or raise "contra" transactions between accounts.
  • Check your bank statements against the entries placed in the system to verify that everything is accurate and up to date.
  • Mark which transactions should appear on your bank deposit list for presentation to your bank.
  • Locate normally difficult to find references such as cheque numbers, and expense codes.
  • Write off bad debts.
  • Manage recurring transactions.

Automatic Updates - Cheques received or paid out are automatically reflected in the cash management software.

Miscellaneous Charges - Direct deposits, bank charges and other miscellaneous fees can be entered manually.

Running Balances - An up to the minute running tally of the balance of each bank account is available.

Unlimited Accounts - Any number of bank accounts can be added to the system, including an account to handle a petty cash float. Transfers may be made between accounts.

Bank Reconciliations - A computer statement that should mirror your bank statement can be printed for fool-proof cross-checking. There is an on-screen representation of your bank statement complete with running balance. Add adjustments or edit 2transactions while in "reconcile mode." Unpresented cheques and uncleared deposits running totals are available in the accounting software at all times.

Unpresented Cheques - A report listing outstanding transactions that do not appear on your bank statement can be produced.

Bank Deposit List - Produce a bank deposit list report for presentation to a bank. Deposit, bank, branch and drawer details may be entered on cash book entries. Print multiple copies at once. Option to add recent (new) transactions to current deposit.

4000 Dissections Limit - A single cash book entry may be dissected across a maximum of 4000 different expense codes.

General Ledger Link - All cash book activity is transferred to the general ledger.

Reconciliation Summary - Prints a bank balance and activity summary.

Keeps On File:

  • Account Code
  • Cash Book Name
  • Bank Name/Branch/Account Number
  • Merchant Number
  • Currency
  • Account Type
  • Contact Name
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Running Totals on Unpresented Cheques
  • Running Totals on Uncleared Receipts
  • Unused Overdraft Remaining
  • Overdraft Limit
  • Last Bank Statement Processed/Reconciled

Recurring Transactions - Enter an unlimited number of recurring transactions for automatic transfer to any cash book. Weekly, fortnightly, Every 4 Weeks, Monthly Every 2 Months, Quarterly, Twice a Year, Yearly, Unlimited, User Defined No. of Days of insertion.

Short-Cuts - Create an unlimited number of cash book entry "Short-Cuts" or alternative codes. Enter a Short-Cut and equivalent expense (dissection) codes. Allows entry of "Vehicle" or "Rent" instead of difficult to remember chart codes which are automatically translated into normal chart codes.

Foreign Currency Cash Books - Cash Books within the cash management system can maintain both Australian dollar values and foreign currency values. Foreign currency cash books can be revalued at any time based on the current rate of exchange. Revaluations can also be reversed and redone without penalty.

Compound Entry Support - Assign expenses (or chart of account codes), comment lines and pay supplier and customer accounts using a single cash book entry in your accounting software.

Contra Accounting - Since it is possible to assign payments to/from a customer and to/from a supplier using a single cash book entry, contra transactions are extremely simple. Write off invoices in both customer and supplier entries against one another via a cash management transaction.

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