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Integrated uniFLOW platform streamlines Bauer Media print processes

Supplier: Canon Business Services
14 May, 2015

Bauer Media Group is Australia's leading editorial publishing house. Boasting a portfolio of more than 60 titles, including 41 magazines selling over 67 million copies each year, this multi-platform publisher is renowned for producing award-winning content combined with sharp, vibrant images.

It should come as no surprise to learn that for Bauer, running a tight print production process is essential to their continued success.

The challenge

When Bauer was acquired by ACP Publications, it became clear it was time to reassess office print needs. Simon Wheeler, Chief Information Officer at Bauer explains, "We had increasing numbers of technical issues and decreasing levels of service to fix them. Very often we couldn't print at all, which for us was totally unacceptable. And when the system did work, we had a huge amount of wastage from over-printing and too much colour."

So what business challenges did Bauer face? "Cutting costs was a major challenge and ongoing servicing was also high on the agenda," continues Wheeler. "We have a big requirement for printing and proofing so we needed good quality and increased efficiency, but wanted to keep the costs down and be more mindful of the environment."

There was also a cultural shift facing a number of Bauer staff. "A lot of what we publish is highly sensitive and needs to be kept confidential until we're ready to print. Many of our people had personal printers for security reasons, so they were understandably reluctant to let them go."

"MDS was exactly what we needed because it enabled us to analyse all our printing needs and see where changes could be made to give us efficiency without compromising quality."

The solution

Wheeler explains why he chose Canon. "Their Managed Document Service (MDS) was exactly what we needed because it enabled us to analyse all our printing needs, see where the pain points were and where changes could be made to give us efficiency without compromising quality. The Canon team were extremely imaginative and flexible; it was a really impressive exercise."

Bauer implemented Canon's uniFLOW work platform as the backbone solution for their printing needs. "That was the big seller for us," enthuses Wheeler. "We've now got a range of printers which are all MFDs with the latest technology and new features.

We no longer have separate fax machines and the swipe-and-print feature has radically cut down on costs, as well as providing the security and confidentiality that had been such a concern."

The results

Bauer now has a fully functioning Canon uniFLOW system implemented across its entire business. Wheeler reports, "Morale is good because everyone is happy despite there being a lot of initial resistance to the change. They were also very clever commercially by creating incentives encouraging both our companies to reduce print quantities without sacrificing quality. Canon had a vested interest in helping us become even more efficient. How many business partners do you know who do that?"

But the best outcome for Wheeler by far, has been Bauer's confidence in the robustness

of the MDS. "After a frustrating experience with our last supplier, we were adamant service should be available 24/7. Canon were confident their system's stability would make this unnecessary, but we insisted. And you know what? They were absolutely right. We hardly ever see them and that's a fantastic thing"