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Integrated Wireless

Integrated Wireless | Wireless Messaging, Security, Voice Comm

Integrated Wireless

Integrated Wireless provides professional wireless solutions to companies in any industry. We provide the leading edge in wireless messaging, security as well as voice communications and teleconferencing.

Integrated Wireless provides Bravo, the leading Occupational Health & Safety software in the market, helping organisations manage safety conditions in the workplace.

Integrated Wireless provide integrated solutions with products from leading brands including:

- Ascom's leading range of cordless telephony, pagers and personal security devices
- Audiotel's wireless modems and automatic meter readers
- IW Software, provider of Bravo and the OAS, OJS Integrated solutions
- Konftel conference phones
- DCA ExPro Intrinsically safe CDMA Handsets
- RTX technology gateways and DUALphone.
- IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable
- Skype Starter Kits
- Skype ChatterBox and Skype USB Phone
- YapperMouse

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