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Intelligent PM4 Monitors - Model PM4-BC

Supplier: Amalgamated Instrument Co

Model PM4-BC panel meter provides the versatility and flexibility needed to interface with BCD/Binary/Gray Code input signals.

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The PM4-BC can be factory configured to suit input voltages of 5V, 12 to 24V or 48V or voltage free contact closure. Input polarity, operating mode (parallel, strobed or addressed), decimal point and non BCD special character displays, are easily selected by the user.

For BCD inputs the "non BCD character" display feature allows for the display of special messages (e.g. Hi,Lo or °C etc.) as well as negative (-) signs and blank display digits.

The number of input bits is programmable from 1 to 20 bits (or 17 bits if external decimal point selection is used). One, four or six alarm relays can be optionally provided. These operate on high and/or low alarm points.

Other options for this instrument include optically isolated analog retransmission (4-20mA or DC volts), binary or BCD retransmission or serial communications (RS232 or RS485). All options operate from any input mode with the exception of the “non BCD character” modes.

Electrical isolation between power supply and signal input eliminates grounding and common mode voltage problems. This isolation feature makes the PM4 ideal for interfacing to PLCs, computers etc.

Features of Intelligent PM4 Monitors - Model PM4-BC:

  • Rugged construction
  • 240V, 110V, 32V, 24V AC, 12 to 48VDC or 50 to 110VDC supply operation (factory configured)
  • Electrical isolation between signal input and power supply
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Decimal point - programmable or externally selectable (external operation uses 3 of the available 20 input bits)
  • Data input high or low - selectable
  • Strobe polarity high or low - selectable
  • Special weighted input display/retransmission mode for up to 8 inputs

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