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Intelligent tape, vibratory, and matrix tray feeders

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The Agilis feeder itself is our core innovation. Like a plow, it moves aside the cover tape, exposing the components for easy picking.

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Used tape is then pushed out the back, together with the cover tape. No extra take-up reels are needed. But Agilis is actually a whole system that includes:

• Revolutionary feeder design
• New bin system for easy handling of tape reels
• 30 percent lighter, robust magazines
• Flexible large reel attachment

What do we mean by 10 seconds?
Ten is not a magic number. You can load our feeders even faster if you're good. But it's a clear way of communicating the tremendous benefits. With other feeder brands, it often takes a minute or more to do this same procedure.

Not only does Agilis greatly shorten this step, it reduces the time spent on other tasks relating to changeovers. If you operate in a high-mix, high-volume environment, you know what we're talking about.

Our customers told us how
Actually, the development of Agilis owes a lot to our customers. Many told us to design more lightweight, ergonomic magazines. Now we have the best of both worlds.

Not only are Agilis feeders fast to load and unload, but they can be conveniently stored in bins, together with their component reels. When a refill is needed, simply lift in the whole bin, or take out the individual feeder and tape.

Fully loaded, the new magazines are approximately 30 percent lighter than our current 8 mm systems.

80 percent time savings
"How much time can I save?" you ask. Good question. Naturally, the exact amount of time saved will depend on what type of operation you run. It will also depend on what type of MYDATA machine you use and other factors.

But let's assume for a moment that you carry out 200 component changes a day. And let's further assume that it takes your operators about one minute to load a feeder.

With the new Agilis feeders, you'd save 56 hours a month. Or 672 hours a year. Need we say more?

Built-in intelligence
In addition to time-savings, the Agilis feeder system offers substantial productivity gains due to built-in intelligence. Each feeder is equipped with a memory chip and barcode, making it easy to pair the feeder with the component reel.

This can be done immediately when components enter your plant or during setup. They can then be stored in Agilis bins, made ready for fast changeovers.

Once this information is in our Linux-based system software, TPSys, each feeder has a unique identity and can be inserted anywhere in the magazine - in any position, in any MYDATA machine.

The system automatically knows the feeder location, which components are loaded and how many are left on the reel. No need for programming.

Improved plant productivity
To get the complete benefit of Agilis, you should take a look at your overall plant routines. Are you labelling incoming components with our MYLabel device for improved tracking and productivity?

Are you using CAD conversion, machine programming, optimisation and line-balancing software for further productivity gains? All of these tools work together to reduce inventory costs and improve productivity.

Is my current system compatible?
Don't worry - your current investment in magazines is not wasted. Existing magazines can still be used on any MYDATA machine and remain highly productive. Remember, our new Agilis feeders are for 8 mm tape only - both normal and fine-pitch.

Time for a change?
If you've read this far, you're beginning to see that Agilis makes good business sense. And you understand why we've changed the meaning of CPH from Components Per Hour (nominal machine speed) to Changes Per Hour. Because faster changeovers really do help you get more done.

Agilis gives you:
• Substantially faster loading and unloading of feeders
• Built-in intelligence for instant feeder and component recognition
• Easier to handle small tape pieces
• Quicker changeovers between jobs
• Feeder changes even when the machine is running
• Higher overall plant productivity
• Lower cost per mounted component

For all the information on AGILIS go to www.mydata.com.