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Interfood Machinery Group

Interfood Machinery Group | Food processing & packaging equipment

Interfood Machinery Group

Food processing & packaging equipment

The Interfood Group is Australia and New Zealand's top supplier of the world's leading food processing & packaging equipment including...

- Filling, portioning + linking systems
- High speed vacuum packaging systems
- Vacuum tumbling, dicers + injectors
- Clipping and bagging systems + clips
- Bowl cutters + high speed, double clippers + clips
- Semi + fully automatic clipping machines + clips
- Smoking + cooking + roasting + cooling units
- Derinding + skinning + fresh meat portioning + flake ice machines
- Vacuum / defrost massaging
- Emulsification systems + grinding & mixing systems
- Frankfurt & patty loading systems
- Mincers + portioning systems + bowl cutters + band saws

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Trained & Experienced Personnel Our key strength is in Interfood's trained and experienced personnel, who are devoted to staying at the forefront of emerging application technology.

Interfood personnel regularly attend all major international trade fairs and the specialised training courses provided by our suppliers.

Technical Support Technical support of your Interfood machine is performed by highly trained technicians and is available to all locations in Australia and New Zealand.

Australia & New Zealand Offices We have a network of offices in Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane) and New Zealand (Auckland) staffed by food industry professionals to provide our clients with the technical support, service backing and spare parts that will ensure seamless support of our machines and minimum production down time.

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