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Introducing FieldPro™ for best in-class productivity

Supplier: Welding Industries of Australia
04 December, 2015

We’re excited to announce a new addition to our pipe welding products range, the Miller PipeWorx 350 FieldPro™.

The FieldPro™ has been designed and built to meet the specific needs and conditions of onsite pipe welding applications in the oil & gas, refinery, petrochemical, power generation and HVAC industries.

John Gorey, WIA's Equipment Product Manager said the FieldPro™ takes the advanced welding arc quality and ease of use of the original workshop based PipeWorx 400 welding system, and brings these capabilities to the field for the first time.

"Welding contractors working on site now have the ability to take workshop based technology into the field, resulting in reduced arc time and less weld defects, which result in costly repairs and rework"

He said there are significant benefits for pipe welding contractors as a result of the ease of use and advanced technology offered by the FieldPro™.

The FieldPro™ system comes with traditional Stick, MIG, TIG and Flux-Cored processes and can run the advanced Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD®) and Pro Pulsed MIG process with the addition of the FieldPro™ Smart Feeder.   The use of RMD® and Pro Pulse contribute to reduced weld failures and eliminates backing gas on some stainless and chrome moly applications. 

"The Smart Feeder delivers RMD® and Pulse welding up to 60 metres away from the power source, with the use of standard weld cables, and no control cables required. This eliminates the hassle of managing control cables on the worksite and welding parameters and processes can be adjusted with ease through the simplified cable management system, Gorey said.

The FieldPro™ Remote brings advanced remote control capabilities to the welder at the joint, eliminating travel to and from the power source – optimising arc time, simplifying process changeover, parameter changes and helping to improve overall weld quality and productivity.

Use of the FieldPro™ Remote also results in reduced weld defects by automatically setting correct polarity for each welding process – without the need to manually swap cables. 

The system's simplified cable management eliminates all of the communication cables that cause clutter and hassle on job sites as well as eliminating the need for costly repair or replacement of damaged control cables.  

Constructed to withstand the rigours of field use, the FieldPro™ features a metal roll cage for the power source, impact-resistant cases for the feeders and remote and protected circuit boards, and is supported by the Miller 3 year True Blue warranty.

"The FieldPro™ will quickly set the new standard for onsite pipe welding because of its superior arc performance, ease of use, reduced set up time and reduced weld defect rework", Gorey said.