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Introduction of the MODU sushi freshness system

Supplier: Sushi Restaurant Systems Pty Ltd
27 June, 2011

Restaurant & Automation Specialists, Australian and New Zealand agents for MODU Sushi Belt Conveyor Train now announces a revolutionary MODU Sushi Freshness System which enables the client to save time, money and reduce food wastage.

The process begins by first applying the black RFID tags to the bottom of each plate.

A food grade high temperature adhesive is used to insure the tag will survive the rigors of normal plate handling and washing. There are two types of system available a PLC Based Freshness System and a Software Based MODU Sushi Freshness System either system will remove the expired food from the conveyor either by operating an alarm and manually removing the plate or a reject conveyor and automatically doing it.

At any point of time when the chef wants to replenish more on the MODU Sushi Freshness System , he can look at the MODU Sushi Freshness System screen to see the type of sushi and it number of plates currently on the conveyer.

With this information the chef can easily decide what type of sushi to make and how many to make. Thus the chef can make the fast selling sushi and avoid wastage by making less popular sushi Customers in turn will be able to eat those they like and be given more choices of sushi to choose from. The MODU Sushi Freshness System will save the total quantity made in 3 time slots each day. Thus it is possible to keep track the sales for lunch, afternoon and dinner period on MODU Sushi Freshness System.