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Inventory Control V1.00

Supplier: Asken Business Technologies

Basic inventory control database for tracking purchase and usage of products. Includes purchase orders, shrinkage and summary and detail reports. Suitable for small to medium enterprises. This Access wizard style database includes full design access to all objects.

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Inventory Control V1.00

Product Code: AWIC002
For Microsoft Access: Versions 2000/XP
Operating System: As required for the relevant Microsoft Access version

This is a very basic inventory control database suitable for many small enterprises.

This is based on the wizard built database available in Access 2000. We have split the database into 2 files and made some changes to relationships. The fee we charge is for those services and to maintain the availability of the databases on our website. You can build this database in Access using the wizard and perform the same changes yourself if you wish.

You can use this database as is, or if you wish as a starting point to further modifications to suit your activities.

With this database you can keep track of all your products, purchase orders, and sales through inventory transactions. You can define your own product categories, shipping methods, suppliers, etc.


  • Setup a categorised list of all products.
  • Maintain lists such as employees, suppliers, shipping methods and your company details.
  • Maintain a history of inventory movement through purchase orders and sales.
  • Print purchase orders for suppliers.
  • Define lead times and reorder levels.
  • View on hand and on order values.
  • View reports on cost comparisons, purchases by supplier, product summary and full detailed transactions listing.
  • The database has been split into 2 files - one containing the data, another the interface. This improves multi-user installations, and facilitates easier interface updates should modifications be required. 
  • Best of all YOU have FULL DESIGN access to the entire database and all objects.