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Inverter Series - new additions have just landed!

Supplier: Welding Industries of Australia
02 May, 2016

We’re excited to announce that we have 4 NEW additions to our Inverter range.

Included in the range is the Weldarc 200i AC/DC Arc and TIG welder, and the Weldmatic 250i, Weldmatic 350i and Weldmatic 500i MIG and multi-process inverters.

First up, the Weldarc 200i AC/DC inverter is suitable for Aluminium TIG and Stick welding, delivering 200 Amps of AC or DC TIG and 170 Amps of Stick. The Weldarc 200i has some really strong key features, including Pulse TIG – which can be selected when in Lift-Arc TIG or HF TIG mode, and High Frequency Pulse Start, which allows easy arc starting and eliminates tungsten contamination.

In addition it also offers built in VRD, built in operator safety and boasts the Lift Arc TIG Start feature which eliminates scratch starting and tungsten electrode damage.

Coming in a 19.5kg it is still very much portable and can go wherever the job takes you, making it suitable for onsite maintenance.

Next, the Weldmatic 250i delivers 250 Amps of MIG, comes with VRD and is a versatile multi-process inverter suitable for onsite maintenance jobs.

The Weldmatic 250i is able to operate with and without shielding  gas and allows the user to choose between using a shielding gas or gasless (flux-cored) wire, which does not require a shielding gas bottle; reducing both cost and weight.

Easy to set-up and adjust, the Weldmatic 250i’s control panel allows for the easy selection of gas and wire type, with infinitely variable voltage and wire speed, indicated on the digital display. Even for first time users, a suggested setting chart allows the Weldmatic 250i to be set-up quickly and easily.

Packed with 3 phase power, we introduce the Weldmatic 350i and 500i which comes fitted with a 32 Amp 3 Phase plug, built in VRD and 3 year gold shield warranty.

Powerful, the  Weldmatic 350i comes with 350 Amps of genuine rated power while the Weldmatic 500i comes with a huge 500 Amps. Both are multi-process machines suitable for Stick, TIG and MIG applications. Powerful, these machines are ideal for medium to heavy fabrication and all industrial fabrication applications.

Flexible, both machines also provide optimal weld characteristics which provide high quality results on steel, stainless steel and aluminium, plus the power to run all popular sizes of solid and flux cored wires. Featuring variable arc control the full package allows full control of the arc - Infinite Voltage control and Arc control to adjust the harshness, and Arc Start to control the wire starting speed.

Designed specifically for Weldmatic 350i and 500i are the new W66 and W65 wirefeeders and one drawer trolley. When the 350i and 500i are used as a complete package it makes the ideal multi-process solution.

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