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IP Code Inspect Date & Product Batch Code Inspection System

Supplier: Industrial Photonics

Most food products are required a date and possibly batch code. This is normally printed on line by an inkjet printer. It is not uncommon for codes to illegible or missing.

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 The IP Code Inspect system uses PPT smart cameras with proprietary inspection software to check all product on a production for correct code application.

These systems can take one of several forma depending on client requirements:

The simplest is a legibility check. In this situation the camera system knows the number of dark pixels it must detect within a defined filed of view. The system also knows the size range (width and height) as well as expected spacing for the expected code. If the image fails any of these parameters the the system will provide a defect signal to remove the product.

Optical Character Verification (OCV) can be used when the code is known and can be programmed into the inspection routine. The camera then collects an image and the software confirms that the code written is as expected.

Optical character recognition (OCR) may be required where the code must be read by the system. In this case the system must be trained on the font which will be used and a suitable library developed which covers all expected characters. OCR systems can effectively read and record the observed code.

Industrial Photonics has deployed many systems for date and product code inspection. However each line is different in terms of product surface, code print quality and orientation. For a free evaluation of your specific requirements contact Industrial Photonics.