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IP Intercom System | Help Point & Emergency

Supplier: H & H Security

Allows remote communication between the public, and a central operator that can be geographically located anywhere in the world.

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IP Based Intercom systems are a new approach to providing a centralised help and information source for communicating with one or more help or service points located over a vast geographic area.

IP Based Intercom systems can be used across a variety of applications including town centres, shopping centres, train station platforms car parks, airports, hospitals, prisons, and lifts, covering duties such as emergency response and help desk duties.

When using IP Based Intercom systems, the base station for the intercom system is no longer tethered to the intercom site, but rather one or more people can respond to intercom requests, using a PC or SIP telephone hardware, over the internet.

Using IP Based Intercom technology, the staff required to man multiple emergency response or help desk centres can be greatly reduced, and emergency responses can be centralised.

How does an IP Based Intercom System Work

Depending on your particular requirements, an IP based intercom system is deployed on site along with an internet connection (typically ADSL).

The IP Intercom stations are then programmed to communicate with a base station using Voice Over IP, (typically SIP or IAX protocols).

Voice Over IP Handsets are then used by the operators to communicate to the Intercom units, once a request has been made by pressing the HELP button on the IP Intercom System.

If a CCTV system with remote monitoring is available, the system can optionally provide a live video feed of the Intercom Unit, as well as its surrounding area.

H&H Security can either provide a complete IP Intercom solution, including Voice Over IP Handsets, a SIP / IAX Server for routing intercom requests over a normal Public Switched Telephone Network, and the IP Intercom units themselves.

H&H Security can even provide a 24 Hour Monitoring Service for your existing IP Intercom Systems, including emergency guard / patrol response, 000 call routing, and other emergency services.