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IP Surveillance Software - Moxa SoftNVR-IA

Supplier: CrispTech

SoftNVR-IA Adds Remote Surveillance and Improves Instant Monitoring.


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Moxa is pleased to release the latest edition of SoftNVR-IA, a SCADA-compliant IP surveillance software application designed for industrial automation applications. SoftNVR-IA features a built-in OPC server that enables direct communications between factory floor automation systems and Moxa’s IP surveillance products. With the addition of a remote surveillance function, users can remotely access live and recorded video through the web from any location, achieving instant monitoring and unparalleled ease-of-use.
Integrated Industrial Automation Applications
SoftNVR-IA supports OPC communications and enables Moxa VPort IP surveillance products to directly communicate with automation systems, such as SCADA. Thanks to OPC communications, SoftNVR-IA can trigger video recording or alarm notifications in response to SCADA events, and simultaneously provide automation administrators with surveillance system status reports. This software simplifies the integration of IP surveillance with automation systems and enhances automation security by merging video data with automation.

Remotely Accessible Video Monitoring
SoftNVR-IA supports MPEG4, MPEG4, and H.264 video streams with up to 32 channels of live display. Users can choose between dual monitor and full screen display modes for video monitoring. The new edition of SoftNVR-IA features a remote surveillance function, which allows users to watch real-time footage, playback by event, or playback by time—all through web access. Operators can see the current status and review historical data whether they are accessing the system directly through the control center, or remotely through the browser-based web console
Intelligent Video Recording Functionality
SoftNVR-IA can set video recording and other network video functions to be triggered manually, by an event, or according to a schedule. The network video software supports pre-event video recording for up to 30 seconds, and supports the FIFO recycle function for long-term video recording. Video records can be reviewed for further analysis, troubleshooting and problem prevention, and can be filed to improve facility security and productivity.

Complete IP Surveillance Solutions for Harsh Environments
SoftNVR-IA alarm management supports a variety of responses to triggered alarms, such as popup display, go preset, and audio alerts. SoftNVR-IA is also capable of sending alarm notification emails to multiple addresses. Users can combine SoftNVR-IA with Moxa’s MxNVR-IA8, an industrial network video recorder that reliably delivers video streams in harsh environments. This combination creates a complete edge-to-core surveillance system from edge to core site, that provides more flexibility and integrity in industrial automation.
Key Features of IP Surveillance Software - Moxa SoftNVR-IA

  • Up to 32 channels in one system
  • Create an OPC server for easy communication with automation systems
  • Live view with H.264, MPEG4, and MJPEG, from VPort products
  • Dual monitor display capability
  • Supports i-frame (key frame) decode only mode to save system resources for higher priority tasks
  • Video recording with manual control, event-trigger, and schedule settings
  • Playback system with search by event and time
  • Supports remote live-view and remote playback via web access
  • Supports English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese


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