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IP Video Monitoring Probe - IPM400A

Supplier: TekMark Australia

IP Video Monitoring Probe for QoS of up to 500 MPTS or SPTS IP Video Flows.

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The IPM400A is designed for monitoring networks which carry both Multi-Program Transport Streams (MPTS) or Single-Program Transport Streams (SPTS), at either constant bit rate (CBR) or variable bit rate (VBR).

Features & Benefits
  • Simultaneously verify IP and TS integrity on all IP Video flows (sessions) on a GbE link;
  • In-depth, real-time MPEG analysis option allows diagnostics to be performed on live payload without always having to use labor-intensive deferred-time analysis of captured streams
  • No additional analysis software is required – all confidence and diagnostic analysis can be carried out with the IPM400A
  • When used in conjunction with the VQS1000 Video Quality Software application, provides reliable and sophisticated analysis algorithms applied to decoded MPEG-2 or H.264 video to identify stuck, black, macro-blocking, and compression artifacts
  • Monitor up to 500 IP flows (sessions) including all essential parameters (continuity count, sync byte, packet interarrival time (PIT) and MDI)
  • Video/Audio backhaul allows actual content to be fed back to the central monitoring point to see and hear the content being broadcast (encrypted content sent to a STB for hardware decode)
  • "Green Stream" learning mode allows monitoring-by-exception and elimination of false alarms
  • Multiplex view allows an at-a-glance view of program utilization over an extended period allowing the user to see if bandwidth spikes occurred, which leads to overwhelmed routers resulting in dropped packets
  • Diagnostic option to add root-cause analysis
    • Advanced Timing Analysis including PTS-PCR and DTS-PCR for real-time buffer measurements to give indication of encoding and multiplexing errors
    • Triggered recording with pretrigger buffers enables capture of intermittent issues for offline analysis
    • Service logging, bit rate testing and template testing functionality provides verification of bandwidth allocation and service plans
    • Polling allows cost-effective monitoring of low revenue-earning channels
  • Simultaneous connection of multiple remote users and Multi-sink SNMP traps for Network Management Systems (NMS)
    • Provides early visibility of problems to key individuals throughout the organization, supporting quicker notification and corrective action
    • Allow multiple users and/or NMS to access the IPM400A simultaneously
  • Diagnostic Monitoring of IP Video Contribution and Primary Distribution
    • Cable Headend Monitoring
    • Terrestrial Distribution
    • DTH or Network Operator Satellite Uplink Monitoring
  • IPTV Ingest and Headend Monitoring