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IRIG-B Timing Generation and Synchronisation Board | DNA-IRIG-650

Supplier: Dedicated Systems Australia

New DNA/DNR-IRIG-650 Timing Generation and Synchronisation Boards for UEI's PowerDNA Cube and RACKtangle chassis.

Price Guide: POA

The new DNA-IRIG-650 and DNR-IRIG-650 Timing Generation and Synchronisation Boards from United Electronic Industries are general purpose IRIG-B timing interfaces for systems designed around our popular PowerDNA Cubes and RACKtangle® Chassis. They may be used to capture IRIG-B timing data when the IOM is slaved to an external master timing device and may also be configured as a master time keeper for the entire system. Calibrated accuracy is 50 PPB with stability of 300 PPB per year over a temperature range of 0 to 50°C.

IRIG-A, B, E and G Timing Generation and Synchronisation Board:

  • IRIG-A, B, E and G output allows cube to provide timing signals
  • IRIG-A, B, E and G input allows cube to synchronise with external IRIG-A, B, E and G sources
  • Modulated or DC level inputs and outputs
  • 1 PPS output
  • Event input captures timing to UTC
  • DNA-GPS input
  • 10 MHz, 1 ppm time base or slaved to external 10 MHz
  • DNA-CBL-650 cable (included with purchase) provides BNC connections for Clock/IRIG signals and 37-pin connections for other I/O

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