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Is it still worth importing?

Supplier: Kenro Metal Services
07 January, 2016

The Australian Dollar has dropped dramatically and 1 AUD is now equivalent to 0.71 USD. The question is, are you really choosing the right option? Have you reviewed your importing costs?

Offshore Manufacturing

Whilst the expense of importing offshore is increasing due to exchange rates, there are also many hidden costs that must be taken into consideration; extra time in processing administration work, up front payments and large quantity orders – tying up cash flow, exchange rate costs, importing duties, port to port shipping charges then port to warehouse shipping charges. There is also a higher risk of quality issues, and risk of unprotected IP.

Forecasts show the Australian Dollar will only continue dropping throughout 2016.

Getting your manufacturing done at Kenro is effortless. Our goal is to take away the pain and make your job easy. There are no hidden costs, all costs are provided with your original proposal. Along with this; it's easy to communicate, friendly, on time customer service, freer cash flow, attractive trading terms, part quantity shipments, ISO:9001 quality, IP Confidentiality, regular face-to-face visits and flexibility – All underpinned by our corporate company values; Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence, Care & Consistency.