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Is this the whole price or would there be any additional costs

Supplier: Auzion Sustainable Solutions
23 July, 2010

Our price includes components, installation and GST.

Please note that remote fees apply outside the Sunshine Coast/Brisbane/Gold Coast area.

Because of the differing physical attributes of some homes, some customers may have special requirements. The costs of these are outlined here and will also be made clear in the quote. Variation costs can include such things as:

  • Tiled roof mounting brackets
  • Double storey or difficult access to roof
  • Tilt support brackets for flat, low pitched or steeply pitched roof
  • Variance from standard panel array layout
  • Weatherproof inverter or DC cabling to remote inverter
  • Fire resistant back required for older style meter box

Once the installation is complete, your electricity supplier will provide you with a bidirectional meter. Within Queensland there is no charge for the first bidirectional meter supplied to a property.