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Is too much stress stressing you out?

Supplier: Tynic Engineering Plastics
02 April, 2013

As we all deal within a difficult and stressful economy, why should the product you buy add to your stress?

Tynic Engineering Plastics, with the support of our supply partner Zell-Metall (Austria) offer extruded and cast materials that will take the stress out of nerve-wracking situations caused by materials filled with unnecessary residual stress.

Stock shapes full of stress can cause a variety of headaches for you and your customers. For instance, material filled with stress can cause: excessive blade wear, loss of yield, cutting aggravation, interruptions in automated manufacturing and loss of time which take away from other important projects. These examples lead to the most important factor to consider: avoiding loss and making profit.

Tynic's Zellamid products ensure you, the customer, receive professionally annealed rods, tubes and plates. This will allow you to increase production speed, enable tighter tolerances, eliminate defective parts and most importantly lower the out-the-door-cost.