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Is water breaking down your oil and causing costly wear?

Supplier: Clean Oil Services
29 April, 2010

Are you constantly having to change out the oil to remove the water contamination?

We can resolve this problem for you

Water is one of those contaminants that will sneak into your system unnoticed, usually by way of condensation, through entry when hosing down or internal coilers leaking. It is one of the most common causes of failure as it causes the toil to degrade, become acidic or basic, and under load turns to steam with an expansion factor of up to 2,000 times. This causes mini nuclear explosions on the loaded zone of the surface and is capable of tearing metal out, destroying surface integrity and eventually leading to component failure.

If your oil indicates that your system has water contamination, do not under estimate the damage it can cause. Industry reports show that losses to bearings and rotating machinery exceed $170 billion per year in the US alone. Never ignore a positive water test; it will eventually lead to costly repairs.

The Lubemaster Oil Cleaning Unit employs centrifuge technology coupled with vacuum dehydration to clean or filter used oil to a higher cleanliness level than is possible with other fluid filtration systems and removes all types of water (free, emulsified and homogenised) - while your machinery continues operating.

Features of the LUBEMASTER include:

  • Removes particles to sub micron size.
  • Cleans a system to cleaner levels than oil change.
  • No elements to replace - just wash, re-assemble and switch on.
  • Fully portable with robust lifting lugs.
  • 200L holding tank option
  • Cleans high viscosity gear oils at full flow rate.
  • Positive oil return system to prevent rotor bogging.
  • Designed for on-line full flow static filtration.

The Lubemaster Oil Cleaning Unit is available to HIRE or BUY.

We have all the tools and expertise to assist you in achieving optimal performance and longevity from your equipment and your lubricant.