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Isolated RS-232 to RS-422/485 Converters - TCC-100/100I

Supplier: CrispTech

Many important devices used in today's industrial environment are still designed for use with an RS-232 interface.


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However, RS-232 is a point-to-point interface, and it imposes a distance limitation of only 15 meters between the device and the computer. To overcome these limitations, many users employ RS-232 to RS-422/485 converters, allowing RS-232 devices to connect to an industrial RS-422 or RS-485 network and transmit data over distances up to 1.2 km.

TCC-100/100I is an isolated RS-232 to RS-422/485 converter designed for users who need an industrial grade interface conversion product to extend RS-232 transmission distance and increase networking capability. Its superior industrial application design, which includes DIN-Rail mounting, terminal block wiring, external terminal block power, and optical isolation for system protection, makes TCC-100/100I suitable for use in critical industrial environments. Simply put, your RS-232 devices can be used as part of an industrial RS-422/485 network, but without any hardware or software changes.

ADDC™ (Automatic Data Direction Control)
ADDC™, a MOXA leading technology, uses a clever hardware solution to take care of the RS-485 data flow control problem. The RS-485 standard originally used half-duplex communication and handshaking signals such as RTS/CTS to control the direction of data flow. The TCC-100/100I converter uses embedded ADDC™ technology, a hardware data flow solution, to automatically sense and control data direction, making the handshaking signal method obsolete.

Isolation Protection
MOXA electrical Isolation technology uses two photo couplers to create a gap in each electrical signal. One photo coupler transforms the electrical signal into a light signal, which is transmitted across a small gap, and then the other photo coupler transforms the light back into an electrical signal on the other side. In this way, the two electrical circuits are completely isolated from each other, limiting the damage that could otherwise be caused by power surges in the electrical signal.

Auto Baud Rate Detection
TCC-100/100I incorporates a method for automatically detecting the serial signal baud rate by hardware. This is an extremely convenient feature for the user. Even if a device's baud rate is changed, the signal will still be transmitted through the RS-232 to RS-422/488 converter without problem.

RTS/CTS RS-422 Handshaking Signal
TCC-100/100I provides an RS-422 handshaking signal support. The RTS and CTS signals provide an RS-422 handshaking signal, reducing the chance of data error.


  • RS-232 to RS-422 conversion with RTS/CTS support
  • RS-232 to 2/4-wire RS-485 conversion
  • 2 KV Isolation Protection for both RS-422/485 signals and power (TCC-100I)
  • Wall and DIN-Rail mountable
  • Plug-in screw terminal Block for easy RS-422/485 wiring
  • PWR, Tx, and Rx LEDs
  • 16 KV ESD surge protection
  • Operating temperature from -20 to 60°C

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