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IVY installs the new MODU LR low profile sushi trains

Supplier: Sushi Restaurant Systems Pty Ltd
27 June, 2011

Restaurant & Automation Specialists proudly announces that it has recently installed two of its new MODU LR Low Profile Sushi Trains for the Merivale Group at Ivy located at 320 George St, Sydney.

The new Sushi Choo restaurant at ivy will certainly give patrons an incredible visual display of the Modu LR Low Profile sushi belt conveyor train the likes of which have never been seen in Australia before.

A source close to Restaurant & Automation Specialists, the Australian Agents for MODU Sushi Belt Conveyor Trains, confirmed that these new MODU LR Low profile Sushi trains are the first two of this new LR model in Australia and indeed in the Southern Hemisphere.

Reputed to be the largest combined sushi belt conveyor train Restaurant in Australia Sushi Choo has two LR sushi belt conveyor systems having a combined length of 47 metres. The new MODU LR Low Profile sushi train conveyor offer a spectacular spacious unobstructed counter with the plates of food merely gliding silently across the surface of the counter.

The new LR Trains were recently handed over to Merivale at the Sushi Choo Restaurant when Shaun Presland Executive Chef of the Tepanyaki and Sushi Choo restaurants accepted the handover certificates from Restaurant & Automation Specialists.

Traditional sushi trains normally sit on top of the counter but with the new MODU LR Low Profile trains it is designed so that it is built into the counter so it disappears below the surface of the counter with the plates of sushi food easily taken from the flat surface in front of the patrons.

A spokesman for Restaurant & Automation Specialists said "probably the most amazing part of the new MODU LR Low Profile Sushi Train Conveyor is that unlike normal sushi trains it can travel around very large radius bends up to 3000mm radius and can even do almost 360 degree circles as part of some of the features it offers".