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Jabac's solutions for the electrical industry

Supplier: Jabac
20 March, 2013

For many years Jabac has worked side by side with the electrical industry to deliver a premier range of solutions.

Whether it is cable labelling, signage, lockout or safety solutions you require, we have he answer.

First aid

This Electrician's first aid kit has been specially made in accordance to the NSW Guide to Electrical Workers' Safety Equipment (Trade & Investment Dept), and built to suit the emergency needs of the tradesman and their team.

The robust design soft case is ideal for keeping on-board your work vehicle or for carrying to an emergency situation.

Dimensions: 400x350x200mm (WxHxD)

Part number: 870979

Lockout tagout

Electrician's mini lockout kit

(p/n 848825)


  • 1x pouch
  • 1x red padlock
  • 5x heavy duty lockout tags
  • 1x small 'no hole' breaker lockout
  • 1x large 'no hole' breaker lockout
  • 1x universal multi-pole lockout
  • 1x small plug lockout
  • 1x 25mm lockout jaws
  • 1x single breaker lockout

Electrician's mini lockout pouch

(p/n 848284 with safety padlock or 873848 with compact padlock)


  • 1x mini circuit breaker POS
  • 1x mini circuit breaker PIS
  • 1x mini circuit breaker POW
  • 1x mini circuit breaker TBLO
  • 1x no hole circuit breaker small
  • 1x no hole circuit breaker large
  • 1x universal multi-pole lockout
  • 1x danger do not operate poly tags
  • 1x danger out of service poly tags
  • 1x lockout jaws 25mm
  • Lockout pouch
  • 1x red safety padlock 38mm with label or red compact lock

Cable labelling

Jabac is one of Australia's leading suppliers of portable and mobile label printers to suit a huge range of cable labels.

Electrical signs

Call us for sizes and materials. If you require a legend that is not listed below, why not let us quote on a custom sign. We can cover most small and large quantity runs.

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