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Jack's Rubbish Removals and the environment

Supplier: Jack's Rubbish Removals
05 November, 2012

Jack's Rubbish Removals removes a wide variety of rubbish and always strives to recycle where possible.

Sorting when possible between metal, vegetation, paper, plastic and bottles, concrete and brick and the general waste helps reduce the waste going into landfill.

Reducing, reusing and recycling benefits the environment. The less waste the more productive we are; better for the future.

Jack's Rubbish Removals aims to recycle as much as we can. When the rubbish cannot be reused it is required to be tipped at waste centres or tips. This is the law.

Everyone has seen rubbish dumped on the sides of the road. Why do they do it? Well some people do not want to pay for the tipping costs.

With Jack's Rubbish you are guaranteed to have the rubbish disposed of correctly and a copy of the tip receipt is always available.

It is important to make sure rubbish is always disposed of correctly.

Choosing your rubbish removalist is important then. It is good for our environment to choose someone that is honest and reliable and that will do the right thing in disposing of it correctly.

So choose wisely you may be doing our environment a favour.