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Jindex Innovation 2 - Sleeve Technology

Supplier: Jindex
27 November, 2007

Full Bore or Reduced Bore

  • Allows optimised flow control
  • Often eliminates the need for a totally new valve for future .ow increase
  • Jindex has a wide range of sleeve moulds for each valve size
  • Available in most sleeve materials

Variable Wall Thickness

  • Jindex has different wall thickness moulds for each bore size to optimise wear resistance


  • Most grades available including Natural, Butyl, Neoprene, Nitrile, and EPDM
  • State of the art reinforcing allows for thicker wear layers when
  • compared with other pinch valve sleeves
  • Opening tags are available which attach the sleeve the sleeve to the pinch bars. These are used on sleeves which may be closed for extended periods


  • Polyurethane sleeves allow greater scope for optimising wear life
  • Jindex has done extensive on-site development work with polyurethane sleeves to overcome the known “trouble spots” in rubber sleeves, in particular large particle control.

ReoThane Extreme Duty - Lasts up to 4 times as long

  • ReoThane is the premium reinforced rubber/polyurethane composite sleeve developed by Jindex
  • Superior cut/tear and sliding abrasion resistance
  • Used for “extreme” wear and corrosion applications
  • Often lasts up to 4 times as long as standard rubber sleeves
  • Various ReoThane formulations can be designed to match process conditions

Food Grade Materials

  • Jindex ALSO has ALL sleeves available in food grades
  • White rubber available

Vacuum Applications

  • Special sleeve design for use in applications where there is a potential vacuum on the down stream side of the valve.
  • Eliminates pipeline hammering.
  • Eliminates variable flow control.

Sleeve Wear Detector

The Jindex Sleeve Wear Detector allows the user to plan routine sleeve changes instead of waiting for a leak to be observed. When the system is triggered the sleeve will have worn to the point where there is around 10 - 20% life left before a sleeve change is required.

It can be fitted to all Jindex sleeves.

The system has two potential modes of operation depending on customer preference:

1. A control box is with mounted near each valve with a warning indicator and a separate voltage free contact for use by client PLC, DCS etc.

2. The lower cost model. A set of terminals is provided on each sleeve that allows the client to attach a single handheld tester and check each valve on a planned schedule.

This system uses a mesh like material which is incorporated into the manufacturing process. When the mesh comes in contact with the slurry and begins to wear the change in conductivity is detected and this triggers the alarm circuit.

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