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JLG's new R6 scissor lift tailor-made to make rental easier

Supplier: JLG Industries (Australia)
19 May, 2015

Specifically engineered with the rental industry in mind, and set for launch in late 2014, JLG Industries' innovative R6 Scissor Lift is a hot new contender set to deliver outstanding benefits in Australasian markets.

And with pre-orders already in place in Australia and New Zealand, demand for the JLG R6 has also heated up down under, thanks to design features which make the R6 a leading-edge product.

This isn't surprising when you consider that the R6 has been uniquely tailored to the Australasian market - not just with JLG customers in mind, but actually with their input.

"The feedback we received from the 2014 HRIA convention on the Gold Coast, where a prototype was displayed, highlighted some key features needed by the Australasian market," explained Arron Cooper, JLG Product Manager - Australia & New Zealand.

These included lockable Anti-Vandal Protection Covers on the R6's control boxes and, perhaps most significantly, an Active Pothole Protection System which allows for better clearance in the travel position.

"At JLG, we listen to our customers and we have designed and developed the R6 accordingly to ensure it meets their needs and suits the requirements of the rental industry," Arron said.

Offering an electric drive system, the R6's efficiency enables the user to spend more time working, with industry-leading duty cycles that typically double the duty cycles of the hydraulic-driven versions of other OEMs. Rear wheel drive provides extra protection for the drive motors, reducing the opportunities for damage to occur.

Unlike standard hydraulic drive units which can have up to 18 hydraulic hoses, JLG's smart R6 Scissor Lift features only four hydraulic hoses on the electric drive unit, thereby reducing service time and offering fewer leakage points, to reduce the chance of oil leaks on finished floors.

"The R6 Scissor Lift truly offers a total package that meets all the needs of the rental industry and ensures low long-term cost of ownership," Arron said. "Parts commonality with our ES series ensures parts are readily available, while the overall design means there is less to service and the hydraulics pump and valve are easily accessed to simplify maintenance."

Arron assured customers that with a rugged design that knows how to take the knocks, plus its many protective design features, performance issues certainly won't be a feature of the R6 Scissor Lift.

"Like all JLG machines, the R6 is designed for maximum performance with minimal problems," he concluded. "However, for our customers' peace of mind it will naturally be backed by JLG's industry-leading Ground Support structure, which includes factory-trained technicians both in our workshops and in our extensive fleet of field service vehicles which are all equipped with IVT and spare parts."

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