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Job Safety Analysis

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Nearly all deaths on building and construction sites since 1985 have been due to falls, electrocution, structural collapse or contact with heavy machinery - Worksafe

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All employers have duty of care to individuals, staff, contractors or third parties in the workplace.

It is a legal requirement that organizations document workplace health and safety risks and record the procedures taken to reduce or eliminate those risks.

Job Safety Analysis is the term given to the exercise of identifying and analyzing risks to health and safety in the workplace and documenting the recommended control measures to manage those hazards.

It is essential that organizations have an efficient and comprehensive solution to complete and manage Job Safety Analysis’.

CMO COMPLIANCE, the Cost Reduction System, is the ideal solution for completing and reporting and managing Job Safety Analysis sheets.

CMO COMPLIANCE, the Cost Reduction System, allows any type of audit, inspection, performance assessment, survey or checklist to be performed and reported on electronically with a mobile device, internet site or standalone PC/Laptop.

CMO COMPLIANCE, the Cost Reduction System, automates the audit process, from inspection to action tracking, giving critical knowledge and control and enabling organisations to identify and eliminate risks before losses occur.

Once automated data processing and reporting takes place SMS, PDF & Email reports can be reviewed.

CMO COMPLIANCE, the Cost Reduction System, saves organizations time & money whilst improving efficiency.

Job Safety Analysis is particularly important in high risk tasks, such as:

  • Trenching and evacuation
  • Working at heights, particularly on roofs
  • Working with construction machinery
  • Working near power lines
  • Lifting heavy weights
  • Entering a confined space
  • Working with hazardous substances and/or dangerous goods
  • Working in public places
  • Working near gas or electricity
  • Working with/near asbestos or lead
  • Steel erection
  • Piling
  • Welding
  • Working with cranes
  • Removal of asbestos
  • Erection and dismantling of formwork
  • Demolition

Some features of CMO COMPLIANCE, the Cost Reduction System, relevant to performing Job Safety Analysis’ include:

  • Step by step instructions during inspection
  • Ability to capture photographic evidence on PDA of potential health & safety risk or a step completed while performing the task
  • Manuals and instructions can be stored on the PDA and referred to when completing an inspection
  • Virtual inspections and reports are printable
  • Zero paperwork required from data collection through to report distribution
  • Data and reports can be distributed from the PDA onsite to geographically dispersed offices
  • Inspector login allows you to track who performed inspections and when
  • Includes drop-down lists for easy-selection of common health & safety risks (eg. Risk of falling)
  • Automated reporting produces powerful trend and performance reports (showing the highest risk jobs and improved risk reduction)

Your CMO COMPLIANCE, the Cost Reduction System can also be used in the following areas of your organization:

  • Health and Safety Audits
  • Plant and Certification Audits
  • Quality Assurance Inspections
  • Property/Plant Hazard and Maintenance Audits
  • Environmental Audits - ISO 14001
  • Site Inspections - Including Defect Management System
  • Electrical Tagging and Testing/Exit Light Audits
  • Incident Reports (Sent via GPRS / Fax if required)
  • Confined Space Audits - AS/NZS 2865
  • Height Safety Inspections
  • Forklift Inspections
  • Asbestos Audits
  • Security Audits
  • Major Hazard Facility Legislation Compliance
  • Cleaning Inspections
  • Mining Audits & Inspections
  • Vehicle Inspections

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