Keeping Hot Product Hot

Supplier: SBH Solutions
27 February, 2008

LMK Thermosafe heaters are arguably the most effective jacket style industrial heater system on the market. The tendency is to think of them as a means of either raising the temperature of product from a solid to a liquid, or to prevent product becoming too cold or crystallized.

However, there is another use that some companies are waking up to—maintaining an already hot product at an appropriate temperature while it is then processed or stored over a period of time.

Nulon Products, based in Sydney, is Australia’s premier privately owned performance lubricant manufacturer.  Chris Pascoe, Operations Director needed to maintain a  temperature of around 40ºC in a bottle-in-cage IBC when a product (a viscosity index enhancer blended with 20% oil) was poured in at 60ºC.  IBC Solutions recommended the LMK Thermosafe IBC1 with a single 1300w circuit, and an insulated lid.

 “The trial worked perfectly” says Chris.  “We only run a batch every few weeks, so it is good to be able to have a safe and easy-to-use solution that does not take up factory space when not in use”.