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Keeping pace with the demands of clients and new products

Supplier: Maximizer Software
07 August, 2012

Since 1988, Werner Tars has been helping small business owners and professionals make informed decisions aimed at ensuring their financial fitness — during their working years and beyond.

He prides himself on taking the time to help clients implement "Lifestyle Nets", a variety of insurance solutions, which will protect their existing quality of life and move them towards their goals and dreams.

As his business was growing, Werner Tars, Owner of Lifestyle Nets, sought a technology solution to help him achieve his customer service goals and improve his business. Since implementing Maximizer over 13 years ago, Werner has experienced consistent increases in sales while building enduring relationships with his clients.


As a small business owner, Werner Tars says he could not run his business as effectively without Maximizer.


"Quite simply, we'd need another four bodies to do what two people do with Maximizer," he said.


"It keeps us running smoothly and has accounted for our increased sales due to repeat business from clients and word-of- mouth referrals. As we've grown and the Life and Health Insurance industry has improved and added products, we've been able to stay current by simply adding new User-Defi ned Fields (UDFs) as needed. That's tremendous power, yet so easy to do."


In the ever-evolving world of life and health insurance, Tars is continually challenged to educate himself and learn about new products and services coming out in the marketplace.


At the same time, he needs to keep pace with the demands of his clients and their changing lifestyles. While his clients are satisfied with the initial product or service they purchase, their needs continue to change and evolve over time. For example, as clients transition to different phases in their lives, they require new insurance policies or changes to their existing policies.


Subsequently, Tars needs to find a way to be intimately knowledgeable about his clients, while acting as the conduit between them and the array of products and services in the marketplace. He needs to be able to provide sound advice on policies that are relevant to their needs. By using Maximizer, he's able to track all elements of his business — insurance products, client details and policy details to ensure that he offers a personalised customer service experience for his clients.


The Maximizer solution


Before he discovered Maximizer, Tars had been using a paper-based system to organise his business, but quickly realised in the mid '90s that a technology solution would enable his business to become more efficient and productive, and his business processes more streamlined. Since that time, he has used Maximizer, a contact management software solution that has proven successful in managing and growing his business. Even as time and technology progressed, so too had Maximizer.


"One of the incredible things about Maximizer is that since I started using it in 1993, it has evolved and continued to improve in functionality, yet all the old data I had stored in the program from that time is still accessible. I think this shows how Maximizer Software as a company is committed to its customers by allowing the easy transfer of data when upgrading to the latest version of its software."


Maximizer has become Tars' one-stop solution for managing all aspects of his business — from communicating with and maintaining his clients' information to tracking his expenses and keeping a journal to record his ideas for improving the business.


He organises his daily and monthly activities with the Hotlist Tasks and utilises the prioritisation and alarm features to remind him of important and time-sensitive tasks. He uses the phone linking feature in Maximizer to make calls and keep notes of his phone conversations so that he can look back on the history of communications with clients. During a call, he can book appointments in the Calendar and refer to information he has tracked about the client in User-Defined Fields such as what type of insurance policy they have — Disability, Life, or Critical Illness.


Tars utilises the email feature in Maximizer to send and save emails to his clients' records. He uses the Editor in Maximizer to create virtually all his business letters and routinely does mail-merges to send letters (or emails) to clients, ensuring seamless communications.


"By using Maximizer for all these functions, all my documents are in one place for easy retrieval later," he said.


"Or, I can store general documents in the Company Library so that the Office Manager can also access frequently-used templates. Because we are networked together, I can assign her Hotlist tasks and we can see each other's calendars, using the built-in conflict checking to avoid double booking appointments.


"When I leave the office to meet with clients, I synchronise my Palm PDA with Maximizer using Maximizer Link so that I have all their information with me — addresses, phone numbers, User-Defined Fields, and recent Notes. This saves me the hassle of resorting to my laptop and it gives me quick and easy access to my clients' information while on the road.


"Probably the greatest and most powerful feature in Maximizer for my business purposes is the User-Defined Fields. This is how I maintain pertinent details about my clients and why I've been able to build a high level of trust among them. In the very personalized and private nature of this industry, it's imperative to gain an intimate understanding of clients' needs, while respecting their privacy. It's a powerful feature that is easy and very flexible to use.


"By having this crucial information quite literally at my fingertips, I can tailor appropriate insurance solutions or 'Lifestyle Nets' for my clients. Maximizer is an excellent solution for my small business and one that I could not live without today."