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Kenro's bridge construction support and experience hits home

Supplier: Kenro Metal Services By: Jim Thrush
15 September, 2014

Kenro Metal Services' products are in used throughout Australia and indeed the world, so it isn't often that they are commissioned for a job so close to home.

In this case the reconstruction of Toowoomba's flood-damaged West Creek Railway Bridge, for which they were at their multi-tasking best.

The floods of December 2010 and January 2011 brought unprecedented devastation to the Darling Downs community and almost $150 million damage to the Toowoomba Regional Council's roads and bridges.

These bridges included the Jellicoe Street road bridge and the West Creek railway bridge.

Queensland Rail planned the latter as a two-stage construction process.

They began by constructing a temporary bridge to support the railway line as the creek was widened for flood mitigation purposes.

While this took place, the new permanent extended rail bridge was under construction.

Designed by Westera Partners, the construction was awarded to Davbridge Constructions who commissioned contract metal manufacturer, Kenro Metal Services.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Davbridge's Managing Director, J.D, explained why Kenro was the best choice for the project.

"We originally choose Kenro because of location, however they also impressed us with their competitive price, and...their responsive service. Everything arrived as and when promised, they were enthusiastic & proactive and I recommend them to anyone looking for quality, value and service."

Kenro supplied heavy steel girders and beams to support the railway line while the temporary bridge was being constructed, and proved invaluable during the construction of the new permanent bridge.

They offered technical assistance and practical advice borne from years of hands-on experience in the civil and construction industry, before manufacturing and supplying brackets, hold down bolts, expansion covers and connections, cover plates, walkways for maintenance access, and modified and new handrails.

Kenro also galvanised the metal components and, as is their want, provided delivery in full on time to the site.

'The one-stop-metal-products-shop' is equally at home working within sight of their Toowoomba metal manufacturing premises as they are supplying metal components to interstate locations such as Canberra, Hunter Valley, Tasmania and Western Australia and also offshore to countries as far away as Canada and Liberia in West Africa.

For more information, please call 617-46 999 888 or visit www.kenrometal.com.au