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Key Management System | KeyPro Plus

Supplier: Australian Security Technology

Ideal for high end security and building management systems integration and for the centralised control of multiple KeyWatcher installation, KeyPro Plus is backwardly compatible and easy to retrofit to existing systems.

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KeyPro Plus allows the user to manage multiple KeyWatcher installations, enterprise-wide. Using the system means that you can configure, run scheduled reporting, assign access permissions by group, role, location and individual KeyWatcher units for an entire organisation.

This covers key management across multiple sites for local and mobile uses, as well as access of user information, transaction history, alarms and status of each KeyWatcher unit on the entire network.

Developed and designed in Australia by Argast, KeyPro Plus (KPP) is only available through us at Australian Security Technology. We are the exclusive worldwide distributors for KPP.

Argast is a 50:50 jointly-owned company of Argus Global and Australian Security Technology. KeyPro Plus has been designed and built after several years of research and development.

KeyPro Plus will integrate and work with advanced card access systems from Cardax (version 7), biometric-based systems from Biometric Innovations. KeyPro Plus is also certified by Lenel to work with their systems (versions 6.4 and 6.5).

KeyPro Plus allows you to integrate your existing high end systems, seamlessly. KeyWatcher is now backwardly compatible as a retrofit to most existing security and building management systems using KPP.

To get the functionality of KeyWatcher key control to your facility no longer requires installing and possibly overlaying a new system, KeyPro Plus allows the seamless retrofit of KeyWatcher systems to high end access systems.

Once integrated with an existing security network, all events highlighter by KeyWatcher will appear in monitors already running in the installed systems. This saves you the hassle and the cost of installation of another monitoring system.

Another feature of KeyWatcher with KeyPro Plus is the ease of retrofit. This means that you get all the benefits with minimum cost.

And, once integrated, security personnel only have to look out for KeyWatcher events in the existing system. Very importantly, there is no need to re-train or re-familiarise staff with a new system.

On integration of multiple sites, KeyPro Plus allows an administrator to demote, promote, retire and commission KeyWatchers across multiple locations and geographies remotely. There is no need to visit and configure each individual key safe.

KeyPro Plus