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Key Storage Systems

Supplier: Compact Business Systems

Excellent key storage—it’s essential for the safety of your business and your own sanity!

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You probably already know about the frustration of searching through a bundle of the office keys to find the particular one you need!

But go back a step…what if you can’t even find that bundle of keys in the first place!

You probably keep promising yourself that one day you will somehow label all the keys, separate them all on to appropriate key rings, keep them all in an organised spot. But you know how many other jobs you have to do in a day!

Compact Business Systems have designed easy-to-use, easy-to-organise storage units to ensure that all the keys for your office are in the one secure location.

Key Storage Systems

  • T347 - 347 x 280 x 80mm, 1mm thick steel and 35 hooks
  • T347 - 60 hooks
  • T686 - 686 x 330 x 191mm, 1.6mm thick steel  and 150-450 hooks
  • T686L - 686 x 330 x 260mm, 1.6mm thick steel, 150-550 hooks

No matter how many keys, no matter their uses, and no matter your needs, Compact has the key storage system to suit your office.

  • Strong all steel construction
  • Reinforced corners
  • Door hinged with full-length piano hinge
  • Baked enamel finish: Hammertone grey or beige
  • Hooks are offset, allowing keys to hang freely
  • Various forms of locking

O-Telkee Combo Locks

  • O-Telkee 3 Digit Combo
  • O-Telkee Mechanical Pad
  • O-Telkee Safe Lock

Security for your office keys is the key to the security of your office…
That’s a bit of a mouthful, but you know that if your keys aren’t secure, then your office and your equipment is vulnerable to theft or vandalism.

Compact Business Systems supplies ultra-strong and safe key storage units—because they are constructed with steel, have a reinforced design and secure locking mechanisms.

And what about when the cabinet is open during the workday?

Numbered key tags allow you to identify each key’s purpose without specifying the particular room which that key opens.

And once someone wants to borrow one of the keys, Compact’s key check out signature strips means that you immediately record who is taking the key.

These signature strips mean that you no longer have to spend time grilling your co-workers to find out who took the key to the stationery cupboard! Now, their name is right where the key that they have used to be!

It’s also easy to record when staff want a key for more than a minute!

You’ll be able to quickly and easily monitor and control the allocation of each key to your staff with Compact’s key register.

Compact Key Register
Use this register to record the purpose of each key, and keep track of how many spare keys you have for each room, who has them, and for how long!

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