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Keyence: KV-Visual

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Keyence - Visual KV Series: World’s Smallest, Industry First Visual PLC. User-Friendly - Designed with the user in mind, the Visual KV is a high-speed compact unit. It features the industry ’s first built-in access window and includes an AC power supply model and operator interface panel. User Message Function with a simple ladder program, a flashing LED display message(No.0 to 255)can appea

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Features of Keyence: KV-Visual:

· Built-in Access Window - Operator Interface
The Visual KV - CPU features a built-in display (Access Window) that allows the PLC’s data to be checked upon start-up and during modification or change over.
Industry first Design. The PLC has a 2-colour backlit LCD (5 digits x 3) that is used for display functions.
· Ultra Small Size - World ’s Smallest Design: 2/3rd the size of conventional AC type PLCs. The new AC version 40 I/O KV is 2/3rd the size of conventional PLCs.
The slender design not only saves mounting space, but also allows the entire system including the distribution panel and the control box to be downsized.
(*For AC types that use screw-type terminal blocks)
· External Display (optional:- KV-D20 or KV-D30)
The "Special Mini Display" provides basic display functions at a low cost. KV-D20 Operator Panel, 4 function switches and, 4 indicators can be customized and preset as desired. Comments on the ladder diagram can be displayed. The KV-D20, with practical functions, is a cost saving system component.
· High Speed Scan Time of 140 s - World ’s Fastest Class. The fastest processing among products of this class. The minimum scan time is 140 s and the minimum instruction execution time is 0.7 s.
· Complete Product Line: AC/DC, Transistor (NPN/PNP)/Relay, 12 base units/8 expansion units, Expansion Units 16 to 152 I/O ’s. Fully equipped with Access Windows, 16 types of base unit with various special functions, such as positioning control and high-speed counters, are available.
· Handheld programmer with a memory card slot (KV-P3E-01). The handheld programmer can be used to easily transfer and save ladder diagrams. (The M-2 and M-3 memory cards are available separately.)
· Ladder Builder Software KV-H6WU2 (Windows) Ladder programming created for the conventional KV Series can be utilized with the Visual KV.

Other Functions of Keyence: KV-Visual:

· Key Lock Function of Keyence: KV-Visual:
The Visual KV features a key lock function to prevent accidental changes to the settings.

· Error Message Function of Keyence: KV-Visual:
Error codes are immediately displayed on the LCD.  With a conventional PLC, the PLC had to be connected to a handheld programmer in order to determine the error code.

· Built-in Operator Interface PLC & for Design Engineers:
No PC or Handheld Programmer Required to Monitor Operation or Make Minor Changes. The Visual KV CPU features a built-in display (Access Window) that allows the PLC ’s data to be checked upon start-up and during modification or changeover. Access Window Allows Information to be conveniently available when checking or changing some device values the PLC does not need to be connected to either a PC or handheld programmer. When making precise on-line adjustments to internal devices, such as a timer, while the PLC is operating. When you need to stop the PLC and check the program without connecting to a PC or handheld programmer.

· Simulator - Quick debugging without a PLC:
The KV Ladder Builder can simulate program execution even without a PLC connected. Providing a single step execution (forward and reverse) in addition to a regular scan execution function increases debugging efficiency.

· User Friendly Operator Panel: (optional: KV-D20 & KV-D30)
Built-In operator convenience:-  Functions Ladder Comment Display- allows you to easily check, change or detect abnormalities. In addition to having the same functions as the Visual KV PLC ’s Access Window, the operator panel displays comments generated by a ladder program. This easy to use display features a variety of functions. Displays operational instruction messages.

Practical Applications of Keyence: KV-Visual:

· 2-Channel High Speed Counters
Incorporates a 30kHz, 2 phase, 24-bit counter and eliminates the need for an additional high-speed counter. The Visual KV base unit incorporates 2-channel, 2 phase high-speed counters and high-speed counter comparators. This allows direct connection with a rotary encoder and counting input from the encoder. The Visual KV can be used for various applications, such as speed measurement and high speed interval counting; by utilizing the input capture functions, that automatically saves input values to the 4 interrupt inputs during high-speed counting.

· 4 High Speed Interrupt Inputs
Incorporates 4 high-speed interrupt inputs with a maximum speed of 10 s. When an interrupt input occurs, the routine scanning is suspended and the interrupt inputs are immediately processed with a response time of only 10 s. The Visual KV is optimal for fast sensor input on high-speed lines.

· Synchronization Control Function of Keyence: KV-Visual
A single Visual KV unit enables synchronization control. Pulses with a measured frequency can be output by combining the frequency counter function with the specified-frequency pulse output.

· Specified Frequency Pulse Output Function of Keyence: KV-Visual
Easily controls motor speed. Without complicated programming, pulses with a specified frequency (16 to 50000Hz) can be output. Just input the frequency (Hz) into the specified data memory using a real number. The pulses with the specified frequency are then output from the output (501). The function allows multi-step speed control. Simply using the Access Window you can manually change the preset speed of a motor. This feature is ideal for systems that require frequent setting changes or fine adjustments.

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