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Keywatcher Lockers | Smart Key Lock with Chip

Supplier: Australian Security Technology

Keys are secured to a Smart Key via a locking steel ring. Identification chips, provide additional security and functionality for the key management systems.

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KeyWatcher's Smart Key is the most logical way to keep track of your keys.

An ordinary key becomes an extraordinary Smart Key when it is linked through a 1/8" stainless steel u-ring, which is fastened into a special, color-coded ABS plastic housing.

Smart Keys are virtually tamper-proof; the only way to remove the key is cut the u-ring or the key itself. What's unique about the Smart Key's plastic housing is that it contains a Dallas smart chip.

This chip allows KeyWatcher to electronically-monitor the Smart Key according to:

User code
User Name
Time and Date
Key Number and Key Name

The Smart Key's smart chip and wide array of colors makes tracking your company keys simple and efficient, eliminating sloppy tags and labels.

Smart Keys turn unreliable, old-fashioned guesswork into clear and concise accountability.

When a Smart Key is inserted into a key slot within a KeyWatcher or KeyBank cabinet, the chip data is read and then recorded after a key is properly accessed or returned.

Users can only access keys from the cabinets with a proper User Code, as designated by their security mangers. Users can be restricted to only have access to keys in which they are allowed.

Smart Keys help to make the KeyBank and KeyWatcher easy-to-use key control systems. The Random Key Return feature allows users to return keys to any open location of the cabinet and the system will remember the new location for that key.

This process avoids the confusion and error of misplacement of keys upon return -- a real time saver and convenience to each user.

These two key management systems are perfect as stand-alone devices or in combination with Morse Watchmans Key-Pro III Software. This software greatly enhances the capabilities of the system.

The KeyWatcher and KeyBank can work as single key management systems or can be configured with multiple cabinets to hold hundreds of keys.

Designed with scalability in mind, each additional unit can be controlled by a single console and monitored by the advanced Key-Pro software. Now, it’s easy to expand as your needs grow.

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