KLINGER involved in construction of powerful hot strip mill

Supplier: Klinger Limited
15 February, 2013

Siemens VAI is relying on KLINGER Gebetsroither as its partner in the construction of the world's most powerful hot strip mill.

Siemens VAI Metals Technologies will provide a complete, integrated wide strip mill on a process turnkey basis for Allegheny Technologies Incorporated (ATI).

The new plant is part of a new, modern hot strip mill for special milled products and will be built by ATI Allegheny Ludlum in Brackenridge, Pennsylvania, USA.

It will be able to mill a wide range of corrosion-free steels and special alloys in widths of more than 2000 millimetres.

The milling forces will be the highest ever achieved in a wide strip mill. Numerous technology packages in the delivery scope will ensure the high technical standards are met.

To meet the challenging demands of the customers and the plant, Siemens VAI has turned to KLINGER Gebetsroither as a professional and reliable supplier of valves.

KLINGER Gebetsroither has provided Siemens VAI with a broad spectrum of open-close valves for years (both manual and automated), for media such as oxygen, argon, nitrogen and cooling water. The components delivered were and will be integrated in the systems in the area of steel production.

Thanks to the good reputation of KLINGER with Siemens VAI, KLINGER is a preferred provider in other areas such as roller mills.

A special challenge was posed in this project by the customer's unique requirements.

The prerequisite was that none of the parts delivered could come from China. This limited the number of suppliers significantly.

The need for butterfly valves for this plant was satisfied with CONVEY CONAXE high-performance valves and concentric central flange-mounted valves (European product), covered accordingly by KLINGER GEBETSROITHER.

To meet the demanding requirements, a total of 16 units of CONAXE in 4" to 20" per ANSI and more than 300 units of central flange-mounted valves from 4" to 16" per ANSI were provided.

The high-performance valves were equipped with gearboxes and the centric Lug Type valves with pneumatic double-action drives, magnetic valves and limit switch boxes.

For the manually operated valves, a locking system was developed that CONVEY was able to easily implement.

A further requirement for this order was the fact that based on the delivery delays from the suppliers, the project had to be completed within a very short period of time. For instance, all drive units were installed in only two weeks, including 100  per cent functional inspection, and packing of all valves by KLINGER Gebetsroither.

Finally, this order could be completed successfully and to the customer's full satisfaction thanks to excellent teamwork, which lets us hope for follow-on orders.